Travel Assistance Plan (TAP)


Futher-Franklin Funeral Home is pleased to offer the GFD Travel Assistance Plan. A must for anyone who is planning a cruise, a relaxing holiday on a sunny beach or travelling to an exotic destination any where in the world.

The GFD Travel Assistance Plan is an ideal way to ensure that your loved ones will be shielded from any unexpected financial obligation during your travels

This plan is designed to take care of all the return travel details should death occur 100 kms. or more away from your legal residence.

Bringing a loved one back home can be a complicated and expensive process. 

No matter your age, you can apply for the GFD Travel Assistance Plan. The one time, low cost payment, will protect your loved ones as you travel and enjoy your vacation.  No need to apply again before your next holiday, the one time fee covers you for the rest of your life.

One call takes care of all the details and all of the exspense.

Contact the Futher-Franklin Funeral Home by telephone or email for details on how the  GFD Travel Assistance Plan can protect you and your loved ones.