Estate Settlement

Being an Executor is not easy. We will help you.

Futher-Franklin has arranged for professional guidance to help you begin the state settle process. With our compliments, your personal consultation with RESOLVED, a $185.00 value, will be provided at no cost to you.

As certified experts. RESOLVED has the experience and resources to help you efficiently manage all tasks, notifications, applications, forms and letters required, and to obtain every refund and rebate available to the estate.

RESOLVED will ensure the Executor has the guidance, tools and knowledge to fulfill their legal and fiduciary obligations as an Ontario Estate Trustee.

Even with a very basic estate there are administrative tasks to complete; some are quite urgent, others less time sensitive. Our simple yet comprehensive 3 Step Plan ensures that nothing is overlooked.

RESOLVED saves families and Executors countless hours researching, placing calls, completing forms and applications, requesting rebates, writing letters and composing emails.

“The greatest challenge facing most Executors is that they don't know what they don't know.”

With or without a Legal Will, the role of Executor is a serious responsibility that many people accept with little understanding of the steps involved, the time commitment, their legal and fiduciary obligations or their personal liability as an Ontario Estate Trustee.

Tailored to your specific situation, personal and professional guidance from RESOLVED will help you know where to begin. For more than 150 possible tasks, you'll know exactly what is required and when. what records and documents need to be located. who to contact. where and how...

There is a better way. Easy. Safe. Cost-effective. Stress-free. For the Executor, Estate and Beneficiaries. Contact Us today to get started, or visit for more information.